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Let Me Game in Peace
Let Me Game in Peace

NovelLet Me Game in PeaceLet Me Game in Peace
Chapter 1185 – River of Forgetfulness Soup famous jagged
Let Me Game in Peace
“May I find out if a grouping of human beings emerged right here about ten days before?” Zhou Wen requested.
In the same way Li Xuan went out of the torment chamber, he heard a loud bang. The entranceway at the rear of Netherworld Area slowly opened up, unveiling a path that guided out of doors.
An Tianzuo nodded as the representative summoned an enormous gold eagle. Beneath his regulate, the eagle flew into the Stream of Forgetfulness. As it touched the discolored light up on the stream, it turned out suddenly yanked into the yellow light up. Then, it vanished. The eagle sign in the officer’s physique also vanished.
An Tianzuo nodded since the official summoned a tremendous gold eagle. Within his regulate, the eagle flew to the River of Forgetfulness. Quite as it touched the yellowish smoke on the stream, it was actually suddenly yanked within the yellowish light up. Then, it vanished. The eagle symbol for the officer’s physique also vanished.
Nevertheless, when he checked over, he saw that the bright-haired granny was gone.
“Find the 3-Existence Natural stone.” An Tianzuo glanced at Zhou Wen prior to going through the River of Forgetfulness.
Nonetheless, as he searched above, he saw that the white-colored-haired granny vanished.
Nevertheless, Zhou Wen got previously mentioned that they couldn’t barge in, so An Sheng want to search for his view.
“That’s proper. It must be Madam Lan and corporation. Based on the clues and information, there should have been eight who retreated into Netherworld Town,” Lu Bushun explained happily.
On top of that, when the entrance to Netherworld Town exposed, there was no wasteland views external. As a substitute, a connection came out.
Furthermore, as being the door to Netherworld City exposed, there was clearly no desert views out of doors. Instead, a bridge sprang out.
“Did each of them consume the soups?” An Tianzuo requested.
At one conclusion on the material link sat the whitened-haired granny through the Dream Penalties Holding chamber. Nevertheless, there were no jewel dining room table ahead of her. There were simply a massive pot. There seemed to be anything cooking inside the cooking pot, although the water vapor was billowing above it as well. It was actually unattainable to know what was getting prepared.
It had been unfamiliar how big or deep the stream along with the billowing yellowish smoke was. In addition, they didn’t really know what the Three-Everyday life Rock appeared like. It had been like trying to find a needle in the haystack.
“Don’t let me know this is basically the impressive Bridge of Helplessness and Granny Meng Soup?” Lu Bushun’s phrase changed unusual when he noticed the connect and container.
“Is it easy to enjoy the River of Forgetfulness Soup without shedding your memories?” An Tianzuo asked all over again.
Just after about a half-hour, the rapidly flowing facts more than Li Xuan’s system finally ceased. His slumbering entire body also awoke.
Also, when the door to Netherworld Location exposed, there was clearly no wilderness surroundings exterior. Preferably, a bridge shown up.
“I did not remember. I only sell soups and don’t take a look at their faces,” the whitened-haired granny responded to expressionlessly.
“Eight bowls,” the whitened-haired granny resolved.
Lu Bushun and firm checked out An Tianzuo. They ultimately adopted his head.
“Where’s the 3-Life Natural stone?” Lu Bushun hurriedly asked.
Nevertheless, the white-colored-haired granny carried on, “As lengthy when you perish, you may cross the Connection of Helplessness without sipping the River of Forgetfulness Broth.”
Just as Li Xuan went out from the torment holding chamber, he observed a deafening bang. The entrance behind Netherworld City slowly exposed, unveiling a way that guided out of doors.
Lu Bushun and corporation checked out An Tianzuo. They ultimately implemented his steer.
“Yes.” The bright-haired granny finally resolved Zhou Wen’s question.
“Overseer, it appears like you can only pressure our way via,” Lu Bushun reported softly to a Tianzuo.
However, as he searched through, he pointed out that the white-haired granny vanished.

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